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All games will have their own unique bugs and quirks, that’s a given. Game breaking glitches though are one’s that can really turn players sour and kill the gaming experience. First off, ZombiU is an amazing title and up until I encountered this major software bug, it has been one of the finest games of 2012. It makes great use of the new Wii U Gamepad and it’s just presented extremely well with a creepy dark “never quite safe” atmosphere. But there is a glitch that if encountered you could be in serious risk of having to start the game over. Below is a post I found when I started searching for help on this issue. I must warn potential¬†SPOILERS are ahead.

“So, anyone heard of the messages on the walls getting all screwed up? Near Brick Lane Flats I found a door with a pentagram type symbol on it with arrows leading away to a shed. Inside were what looked like a Z and a backwards 3 that I could only see in the scanner. Just outside was part of what looked like a 0 and some other strange symbol. I thought maybe I wasn’t meant to be here yet so I went inside the flat I was meant to go into to continue the story.

Inside I find a code locked door under a partial raven sign and around it on the wall are the same garbled looking digits. Feels like something is wrong or I am missing something.”

I replied back stating I had the exact same issue appen. The helicopter scene glitched after I killed all the zombies at the drop zone (cut-scene never initiated). I restarted in attempt to resolve this and it finally progressed as it was supposed to but now I am stuck trying to decipher codes at Brick Lane Flats and it’s not working. It just shows a 7 and a backwards 3 on the inside door and the outside brick wall shows two symbols. I have backtracked to the London tower to upgrade my scanner and the odd thing is the helicopter is now back at the tower just hovering. There are no zombies, and the “clear evac” objective is checked off as finished but once I leave the area my upgraded scanner objective becomes unchecked. This is why when I get to Brick Lane Flats I cannot decipher the code. (Note the picture below is not the exact location of error, rather just an example of the scanning process)


Many forum members have been very helpful in attempting to figure a way around my issue but without luck so far. Even more disconcerting is the fact I have now seen other posts coming up regarding the same problem.

“Well you are not alone as the exact same thing has happened to me and it’s been driving me nuts for two days. Honestly… I loved this game but I am not going to restart after all the efforts I put in. Because of some random bug? Too bad. EB games is giving back 35$ for this game right now… I guess that’s my choice. I thought it was fantastic, tough and addictive up to that point.”

I’m still resarching this and looking for some way to progress but I’ve yet to something out. A patch would be fantastic but I have no idea when ZombiU will get one. I could always start over but I’m 7 hours in and what if this same bug bites again? I’ll keep you guys updated, wish me luck!

Written by: Dan Adcock

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