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Posted on Dec 11 2013 - 3:53am by Dan Adcock

The Wii U is finally picking up some steam and releasing some high quality games but they have been pretty quiet regarding their new Zelda title for the Wii U. The Wind Waker HD was a fantastic remake of the GameCube classic, while ‘A Link Between Worlds’ is a great throwback to the SNES era. Gamers who have invested in Nintendo’s newest system, the Wii U, are still however quite eager to see a teaser trailer or even some screenshots from Link’s next game in the series for the new console.

Many have pondered the thought of a more mature and darker Zelda. We at BootHammer have especially been thinking about this lately and feel it could be a great move. After releasing the colorful and young spirited Link from the Wind Waker remake and the innovative yet nostalgic Link Between worlds, why not follow up with a stunning highly detailed Hyrule, starring an older Link possibly showing scars from numerous adventures and battles. Imagine dungeons infused with incredible lighting and creatures that invoke a sense of fear and anticipation of facing. While these three games are completely different, I’d love to see a Dark Souls or Witcher 3 styled Zelda but leave the same level of difficulty intact, same quirky characters and same overall feel found throughout all Zelda games. This would bring in an entirely new fan base while keeping the veterans of the series entertained.

We recently spoke with a couple of graphic artists to describe these thoughts to them for an artistic interpretation. The picture displayed up top shows an older Link stained with blood holding his Master Sword, while Gannon lays beneath him slain with arrows and other lethal wounds. This is just one artists’s rendition and enough to get our minds running with thoughts of how amazing a darker more mature themed Zelda title could be. We would love to hear your thoughts on what this direction this could bring to the series. I think it could be a game that really gets the core gamers attention (which Nintendo needs to address drastically) and it would also give Zelda fans something they have never seen or experienced before.

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