Top Ten Video Game Costumes for Halloween

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With Halloween just around the corner, you’re probably trying to figure out what costume to get. Well if you are an avid gamer, there’s only one way to go, and that’s with a classic gaming costume. Here’s Boothammer’s Top 10 Halloween gaming costumes for 2011. Halloween is all about having fun, making people laugh, and having the coolest costume you can find.  Boothammer has a little of each on our list. You can find these costumes at your local Party City,Spirit and Halloween Express.

10: Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic is defiantly a classic character, and with a price tag of only $59.99 you’re sure to grab a few laughs this Halloween.










9: Mario: The lovable plumber is always a favorite with prices ranging from $34.99-$49.99. If Mario is not exactly what you’re looking for then you can also go as Luigi, Princess and Toad. Ok…the costume may look terrible but you gotta love the always classic Super Mario Brothers.















8: Pac-Man: Considering its only $49.99 it’s not too bad of a costume because it has a hole in the top of it so you can slip your head down in the costume and no one will know who you are. Easy way to avoid embarrassment, but you’ll still get a few laughs.









7: Sub-Zero: With a small price of $49.99 be ready to kick butt this Halloween, but if Sub-Zero doesn’t fit your taste then Mortal Kombat Character Scorpion is also available.











6: Darth Vader: Prices ranging from $24.99-$899.95. You’ll be sure to turn everyone to the dark side with this classic movie/video game costume.

Darth Vader








5: Angry Birds: Probably one of the most famous games out right you’ll be lucky to find this bird on the shelf. Prices from $29.99-$64.99 it’s a cheap way to get lots of guaranteed laughs.

Angry Birds










4: Dracula: Any Halloween is a good one to go as Castlevania’s classic Dracula. This costume is a sure bet to suck the blood right out of everyone else’s.









3: Ninja Turtle: Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Donatello are all available not only in men’s but also in women’s in a very sexy costume. See if you and your woman can fight off the evil Shedder this Halloween. Prices range from $34.99-$64.99.

Ninja Turtle










2: Halo 3 Master Chief: This is a must have for the Halo fanatic. Price range from $59.99-$699.99, but there’s only one way to go on this one and that’s with the more expensive costume. I’m just going to be honest the cheap one is made of plastic and the helmet is way bigger than your head. To describe this in one word would be garbage. Of course, the other is a bit pricey, but it’s not just a costume but a collector’s item. You will definitely make all your friends jealous this Halloween.

Master Chief







1: Batman: Be ready to fight crime this Halloween as the Dark Knight. As always there are several costumes to choose from, but if you want to do it right then it may cost you with a price tag of $799.99. This costume comes equipped with everything except the boots which can be purchased separately for around $69.99. There will be no doubt if you choose the Dark Knight, your Halloween will include winning the costume contest.













We’d like to see your comments. Do you agree with our list? Any costumes you like that didn’t make BootHammer’s Top Ten? Halloween comes only once a year, so let’s make it memorable. Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween and be safe.

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    Number 3 is hot but I want number 2 for myself this year!!! Great reading man.

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      MC FTW!

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    That sonic one is more than a little creepy.

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      HAHAHAHA….that would be a little creepy if you saw that walking down the road at night. That’s funny…

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    Dr. Robotonik!

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    LOL, nice assortment.

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    Nicely done but where is wolverine?!? haha

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    Wario, wheres Wario?