Resident Evil 7: Five Things We Want To See

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All franchises evolve over time and sometimes it’s for the better while on other examples it’s unfortunately for the worse. While I have still thoroughly enjoyed every Resident Evil game and look forward to every new release, the original one is still the game that truly got survival-horror. Resident Evil 4 did do an amazing job though in reinventing the series into a new horrific experience with more action while still keeping the thrill and survival-horror aspect within.

Action isn’t necessarily a bad thing but when you take the survival out of survival-horror it has immediate effects on what the game has then become. The gaming experience is ultimately changed. Another good example is the Dead Space franchise. Both games are absolutely amazing but the first one had that tension and atmosphere that the second one lacked in my opinion. Again, great game yet different appproach.

This is what we at BootHammer would like to see in the next Resident Evil 7.

  1. Bring back the hair raising atmosphere where you never feel quite safe and are nervous what might be around the corner or through the next door.
  2. Bring back more “jump off the couch moments” like when the zombified doberman jumped through the quiet hallway creating instant terror and panic in all gamers playing Resident Evil 1.
  3. Focus less on quick time events and make the player absolutely struggle to survive and reward them for their efforts
  4. Create creepier more devastating bosses and enemies that make players panic at every encounter. I recall how terrifying Tyrant was at first sight. Another good example was the Hunter in the original Resident Evil. It was scary enough it its own right but was also tough as nails and could kill you in mere seconds.
  5. Close with an amazing ending (possibly a cliff hanger) that leaves gamers begging for more.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the series and how it has progressed. Are you happy with the changes or would you also like to see the franchise make a few changes to return it back to the game’s original feel.

Resident Evil Doberman

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