Castle of Illusion: Sega Remake Teaser Trailer

Posted on Apr 13 2013 - 9:48am by Dan Adcock

Sega has released a teaser trailer that suggests a possible remake of the classic Castle of Illusion, which is set to release in Summer 2013.. The original game was a side-scrolling game putting the player in control of Mickey. Each level exists within the large titular castle and the player must defeat enemies and bosses by jumping on them or collecting apples and marbles to use as projectiles. The player could also collect icons to increase health, collect extra lives, or gain bonus points. After defeating a boss, the player is given a gem. When all seven gems are collected, the player can build a rainbow bridge that allows Mickey to walk into the castle’s tower for a final battle against the witch, who in her youthful form resembles the The Evil Queen.


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