Battlefield 3 PC Review

Posted on Oct 26 2011 - 4:36am by Dan Adcock

Battlefield 3 (BF3) is a first-person shooter action video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts. It is a direct sequel to 2005’s Battlefield 2, and the eleventh installment in the Battlefield franchise. The PC release is exclusive to EA’s Origin platform.

I’ll be reviewing the PC version. BF3 looks fantastic on all systems but it’s immediately clear the PC was the lead platform. The polish and graphical detail is absolutely astounding. Gamers, this is a clear indication of what next generation is and will look like. The graphical jump (if your PC gaming rig is capable) is quite amazing. Our test mule is a Alieware R3 which is water cooled, overclocked and running in SLI, so we were able to run this beast with all the eye candy on. Here are is an idea of the recommended specs in case you are wondering how your system measures up.

Ultra Graphics Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-i7
  • RAM: 6-8 GB
  • GFX: GeForce GTX 580

Battlefield 3

Superior graphics aren’t the only exclusive feature for the PC. Origins and Battlelog are used to search and host all of the fantastic multiplayer matches. It also updates and lists player stats. Regarding multiplayer modes and how it feels, a lot hasn’t changed. Gamers will be happy to see conquest and rush modes have stayed intact. I am thrilled to see though that Team Deathmatch has returned. The biggest changes in fact and they are good ones, are the environmental destruction and a much improved unlock system. There are hundreds of toys to unlock. With guns blazing and vehicular and aerial destruction surrounding you, this is one experience that will truly blow you away. This is the soul to BF3 and DICE nailed it. The Frostbite 2.0 engine is a work of art. We simply haven’t seen a graphical jump this significant yet. This engine allows for unreal scope, creates elaborate lighting effects and runs very efficient with the right hardware in place. As mentioned previously, be prepared to upgrade or run in SLI for this game if you wish to witness it under ultra settings. It is a sight to behold. One negative aspect is the absence of built in VOIP. Although it should be noted Battlelog does have this capability.

Battlefield 3

We haven’t forgotten Battlefield 3 does have a single player or CO-OP campaign. Depending on what mode you play, the campaign can be finished in 5-10 hours. I would suggest raising the difficulty to provide a slighly longer and challenging campaign experience. In the end, it was highly enjoyable but I felt it could have used more dramatic events. It’s without a doubt action packed and everything from graphics to sound to AI is well delivered but it could have used a few more unexpected surprises along the way. CO-OP in this game is a blast. As always I try my best not to spoil anything within my reviews but just wait till you get to a certain sniping mission. You will absolutely love it!

Battlefield 3

In short, Battlefield 3 is simply a masterpiece. The hype is in fact real. The campaign is entertaining and enjoyable, while the multiplayer features and modes are nearing perfection. On the PC, BF3 is as close to next generation capabilities as we are going to get for a while. The scale, graphics, sound and overall presentation is on a level of its own. This is the must have PC multiplayer shooter of the year, hands down. Contest is over folks…

Review Rating: 9.5/10

Battlefield 3

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  • Killzone4life

    Sign me up! Now I just have to upgrade my machine ;( Any card you would recommend? Can’t run SLI.

    • NeptuneUK

      GTX 580 is recommended, if you are on a budget though try and get a decent 570. I’ve had no issues with mine what so ever.

      • Dan Adcock

        GTX 580 rocks the house! The 570 is great too though on a lower budget.

  • drake

    Multiplayer is great and the campaign is pretty darn fun too. Nice review and thanks for doing a PC review at that =)

  • NeptuneUK

    This is a great game!
    I would like to add, that if the rest of the system is top notch, you can get smooth frames on ultra with a GTX 570 (with AA on low or off). Bear in mind that my resolution is 1650×1050. I can’t wait to go SLI and have ultra anti-aliasing on.
    I have 2x4gb of gaming DDR3, and a 3.2 Phenom II hex core and my GTX 570 handles bf3 perfectly. I am impressed with how smooth the game feels and how next-gen this game looks! I will even see if my laptop (with a 512 9600GS) is able run it.
    The player animations, weapon sounds etc are spot on, too. In my opinion though, when changing stance and sprinting and stopping etc, from a 1st person view it seems a little rigid.

    All in all this was always going to be a fantastic game, it seems that DICE have listened to the players gripes from Bad Company 2 and made what everyone wants. I, like many others, dislike EAs implementation of their server browser and Origin service… It seems (for me anyway) that it takes too long to get into a game server and it would concern me if I had a low end system that I have origin and firefox open in the background as well as the game!

    • NeptuneUK

      I still have room in my heart for Red Orchestra 2 though!
      But for different reasons. Once my initial BF3 hype wears off I’ll probably start playing it again :P

      • Dan Adcock

        Just play both and you can’t lose ;) Have you finished the BF3 campaign? Your thoughts on the overall game?

    • Dan Adcock

      Great info and feedback here! Sounds like you have a screaming system there too for BF3 =) DICE knocked this one out of the park. I agree that the addition of needing origin and FF open could be a an issue with less capable systems. But build one right and you are in next gen heaven =) Report back on how your laptop performs…this will be good feedback for mobile gamers ;)

  • Dreyer42

    Spot on! BF3 is killer, favorite game of the year for me so far. Wonder how it will stack up against mw3 next week? Let us know! ;)

  • NeptuneUK

    I have recently SLI-ed my GTX 570 and got a better monitor, so I can ace BF3 at 1920×1080.
    My temps increased a little bit though lol :P

    • Dan Adcock

      Nice rig Neptune! I plan on upgrading my SLI setup later next year. How much are the GTX 570’s going for these days? Sounds like you need some more fans or a better cooling system with those beasts in place, LOL. I bet BF3 looks amazing…