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BootHammer provides the latest video game reviews, news and previews.. We take pride in delivering entertaining and original gaming videos and content that cover not only the newest game releases and hardware but also classic titles and retro platforms alike.

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Resident Evil HD Remastered Review

Resident Evil HD Remastered Review
on Wed, Jan 21, 2015 | By Dan Adcock

  Resident Evil is the reason we have survival horror games today.  The original masterpiece started this amazing genre and it’s where you should look if you want to see how to effectively build suspense and terror.  The GameCube received an incredible remake back in 2002.  Can this latest remaster reignite the flame for this classic? The RE Experience   For...

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Pro Gaming Headset Review – BootHammer

HyperX Cloud II Headset Review
on Thu, Jan 15, 2015 | By Dan Adcock

  Kingston Technology made some serious waves within the gaming headset market with the original HyperX Cloud Pro last year.  It’s 2015 and we are now reviewing their latest headset, the HyperX Cloud II. Will their new headset make the same impressive impact of its predecessor?  Read on to find out. Packaging Once again the packaging is organized, sturdy and...

Resident Evil HD is nearly upon us

Resident Evil HD
on Wed, Jan 7, 2015 | By Dan Adcock

  The game that defined the survival-horror genre is back and looks better than ever! Check out the remastered HD version of Resident Evil on January 20th. This epic story started in 1998 when a special forces team is sent to investigate some grotesque murders within Raccoon City. Upon arriving they find themselves being hunted by a pack of mutant like dogs and find...

The next Castlevania

Castlevania in 2015
on Wed, Jan 7, 2015 | By Dan Adcock

    Castlevania has provided some of the most exciting and certainly most challenging gaming experiences to date. Taking control of Simon Belmont and facing Dracula and his ghouls has always been highly entertaining.   I can’t help but imagine where the next game in the series will take us. The first Castlevania on the NES is an absolute classic. It was atmospheric...

Kalimba Review (Xbox One)

Kalimba Hero BH
on Sun, Jan 4, 2015 | By Joseph Lara

  Kalimba is the latest release by Danish developer Press Play, maker of 2013’s under appreciated Max: Curse of the Brotherhood, for the Xbox One. It is a puzzle-platformer and while it may look childish due to the art style, I can assure that you would be mistaken. As someone who plays any genre, I can admit that I lean toward FPS, RPG and racing games; this game honestly...

Gifts for Gamers

Gifts for Gamers
on Fri, Jan 2, 2015 | By Tina

                  Buying a gift for a gamer can be tough – you don’t always want to go down the obvious route of buying them the latest game release. What do you buy, for example, for the gamer who has everything? If someone’s passionate about a certain interest – such as gaming – then it’s sometimes too difficult to...