The Wii U Needs Star Fox

We first saw Star Fox in 1993. Gamers were instantly hooked and amazed by the brilliant new IP and the Super FX Chip. Players saw a remake of Star Fox 64 in 2011 on the 3DS but it’s well overdue to see Fox McCloud and his team make another console debut. With the Wii U needing sales and a true system seller more than ever, this is the time.

Short of miracle we won’t be seeing any Star Fox games on the Wii U this year but 2014 would be ideal. This will have give the developers time to fully utilize the Wii U’s hardware and deliver a truly polished product. Imagine the possibilities the GamePad could incorporate into this franchise. I’d also like to see them return to ground combat and exploration as in Star Fox Adventures. This was such a fantastic title on the GameCube and a HD sequel with space combat would be incredible.

Star Fox Adventures

I can’t imagine it’s not already being worked on but a teaser of some kind sure would be nice. With so many Mario and Luigi themed releases this would really stand out and it’s a game Nintendo fans have been waiting on for a long time. Let us know your thoughts and if this release would make you a Wii U owner today.

Star Fox Wii U Adventures

Written by: Dan Adcock

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