Silver Zombie: Survival Horror on your Mobile Device

Silver Zombie game was born as a need to fill the absent of the survival horror genre in the mobile stores. Indie developers XIXGAMES and Pixel Bones Studios bring us their new survival horror epic Silver Zombie,a spooky 3rd person shooter that takes a page right out of Silent Hill to create a tense and sometimes disturbing atmosphere as memorable as Alone in the Dark.

Your daughter is in a coma and Silver is both the cause and the remedy. To save her you will need to journey through chaos. What is so special about your daughter Clarisse? And what of this new virus from some hidden Mayan place?



You control John ,the father and you have to find the secret Silver Technologies Laboratory,it will not be so easy, there are puzzles, monsters and tramps waiting. So with little options left and time running out John must fight his way through a terrifying horde of undead monsters in search of this otherworldly cure.


Silver Zombie: Survival Horror on your Mobile Device






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Written by: Dan Adcock

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