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Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem was one of the most popular games released on the Nintendo GameCube. This was due to many factors including the mature setting (a rare move for Nintendo), never before seen Insanity Effects and a fantastic story. Since this release, fans including myself have begged and pleaded with Nintendo for a sequel. Our request has finally been heard and Shadow of the Eternals is presently on Kickstarter to acquire the needed funds for development. Precursor Games is hard at work at creating another one of a kind experience that only a sequel to Eternal Darkness can provide. Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Denis Dyack, Chief Creative Officer of Precursor Games. Denis shares details on Shadow of the Eternals and what fans can look forward to.

1. You mention the campaign will span over a thousand years of history. Without giving away too much, could you give us a few details on where Detective Paul Becker will find himself throughout the game?

“Paul Becker is a Louisiana police detective, who is investigating a massacre at Pleasant View Hospital. This massacre is survived by two individuals whom Becker interrogates throughout the game. Becker will spend most of his time in Louisiana, and the interrogations will tell the story of Klára Rusznyák and Erzsébet Báthory, which takes place in 1610 AD Hungary. Although the game spans over thousands of years, Paul Becker is very much the main protagonist of the game, and the focal character, because his fate is somehow linked to these two survivors and their stories.”

2. We were thrilled to find out that David Hayter of the legendary Metal Gear Solid series would be the voice for Paul. How did David get involved and was this possibly due to his love for Eternal Darkness?

“I had worked with David Hayter on other projects like Eternal Darkness and Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. It was suggested from members of our community that we reach out to see if he was interested in playing the main role of Detective Paul Becker. We then called David and talked about Shadow of the Eternals and its potential. David was very interested in the project and wanted to be a part of it. We are very excited to have such a talented person involved and playing the main character of the game.”

3. I’m sure you saw this coming but we are ever so anxious to learn more about the Sanity events that will take place in Shadow of the Eternals. With the new technology available today, what can gamers expect to see in regards to questioning what is real and what is not? This is certainly one of the biggest draws to the franchise and I can’t express how excited we are to experience these insane mind tricks once again.

“Gamers can expect Shadow of the Eternals to not only terrify them but also toy with their senses. With the advancements in graphical chipsets and spatial surround sound, gamers will always be challenged on their perception of what is real. Alongside this, Shadow of the Eternals will also break the fourth wall in the storytelling, much like the original Eternal Darkness did. For example, some things that made sanity effects in Eternal Darkness so popular included save game files being deleted, turning the volume down on the television set, or emulating a power outage. Making that connection directly with the gamer not only enhances the storytelling but immerses the player altogether. Precursor Games recognizes how important sanity effects are to this franchise and we plan to utilize them to their fullest in making this a memorable experience.”

4. Are you working on exclusive content and features for the Wii U GamePad? I can imagine this would a really neat tool to incorporate many things including the Sanity events.

“With the revolution of motion control and the innovative Wii U GamePad, we will certainly be incorporating things such as sanity events into the controller mechanics on Wii U. Stay tuned!”

5. How has the development process been so far regarding working with the Wii U? With so many mixed reactions from various devs, we would love to hear your thoughts thus far on the platform.

“Wii U has been an absolute pleasure to work on, and we are very excited for Nintendo fans to have a psychological horror title brought to their console.”

6. Lastly, what does this sequel bring to the table that Shadow of the Eternals did not? It’s hard to improve on that epic title but I’m sure you guys are going all out on this psychological horror successor.

“Shadow of the Eternals incorporates the pillar of community created content. We have carved out specific areas in which we have made opportunities for our fans to help shape the game. For example, members of our community are contributing Elder God designs, as well as enemy creature designs. We also have things such as sanity event creation forums. We invite everyone who is interested in Shadow of the Eternals or game design in general to join our forums, known as the Order of the Unseen, and see what creative initiatives are taking place in the community.”

I’d like to thank Denis Dyack for taking time out of his busy schedule for this interview and also extend our thanks to Reverb Communications for setting this Q&A up.  We will continue to update you on Shadow of the Eternals news and its overall progress!  Stay tuned for more soon…

Shadow of the Eternals Interview

Written by: Dan Adcock

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