Scariest Video Game Characters of All Time

As Video Games have evolved and achieved more realistic details with each generation, the level of terror has risen as well thanks to creative yet horrific character creation. Every gamer absolutely enjoys a good scare and facing off against a terrifying boss that gets your pulse racing. Join BootHammer as we list our scariest video game characters of all time.

Doctor Salvador

Resident Evil: Doctor Salvador

There are many horrific monsters in the Resident Evil series. It’s one of our favorite franchises due to this. There is something absolutely terrifying though about Doctor Salvador. He appears in the form of a burly chainsaw-wielding villager with a burlap sack over his head. He can be detected by the sound of a chainsaw revving nearby. This will send chills down your spine once you know what you are about to face. The Plaga parasite has made this character exceptionally violent in personality, and is impulsed to relentlessly chase his enemies with a rusted chainsaw, which by the way decapitates your player if caught. Don’t even ask us about his chainsaw sisters.

Pyramid Head

Silent Hill: Pyramid Head

This intimidating character was first seen in Silent Hill 2. Pyramid Head is one of the most well-known and iconic monsters in the series. He is usually portrayed as, at his most basic, a violent monster. A deeper meaning given to him explains his existence as that of punisher or executioner. His acts of violence are not aimed solely at humans, as he has also brought harm to the other creatures that inhabit Silent Hill. Regardless of his intentions, he brings terror to any gamer that is forced to cross his path.


FEAR: Alma

This little girl was a severely troubled child to say the least. Alma is gifted with tremendous psychic powers, and as a result she suffered nightmares and was attuned to the negative emotions of the people around her. At the age of only three, Armacham Technology Corporation inducted Alma into Project Paragon, where they tested her for every known psychic ability. Alma passed all tests, and, should she appear not to have any power, her father would work tirelessly with her until she was able to focus her powers and complete the objective. Almo soon tires of the constant experiments and starts a fire in one of their laboratories out of rage and frustration. Armacham scientists began to have vivid nightmares, sudden mood changes, and delusions, and it was concluded that Alma was psychically attacking them. Alma uses the same mind tactics on players during the game and gamers have to push through the nightmare and determine what is real and what isn’t.


Dead Space: Crawlers

Dead Space is a fantastic game that is guaranteed to scare any gamer with a impressive roster of horrific monsters. In Dead Space 2, there is one specific enemy that will creep anyone out. These creatures are called Crawlers and are reanimated infants, much like the Lurker. The torso is grossly enlarged, with an organic explosive substance under its skin. The body and head are twisted backwards, so that the Crawler can move with the sac pointed upwards. The back legs of the body are fused together, giving the Crawler an almost caterpillar-like mode of movement.


Gears of War: Berserker

These freaks of nature are the female members of the group of the Locust, and are one of the most fearsome enemies you will encounter. Berserkers are enormous yet quick and invulnerable to almost all the weapons. They do however have one weakness which is blindness. They use their hearing to home in and charge their enemies with brutal force and speed. If this wasn’t enough to make players run for the hills they also emit a loud howling roars which gets anyone’s pulse racing. Be quiet and stay clear of these beasts.


Forbidden Siren: Shibito

The Shibito are the main enemies in the Forbidden Siren series. The Shibito are corpses reanimated by supernatural forces, but unlike zombies, they retain a sense of intelligence and personality. They retain their human form, but their skin becomes a swollen bluish tinge after being engorged in water. Their eyes are bleeding and their skin is usually pockmarked with sores and wounds. Their clothes are usually traditional Japanese farming clothes, such as headscarves and farming overalls, which are usually stained with blood or other smears. Their appearance alone will send deep chills down your spine.

Written by: Dan Adcock

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