Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Review

Posted on by Dan Adcock

Tripwire Interactive has a treat in store for gamers with their latest release, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. It is a sequel to Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. Considering the title, you have probably guessed it focuses heavily on the Battle of Stalingrad. The campaign is beautifully orchestrated and the experience found on the battlefield is engaging and thrilling to behold.


Heroes of Stalingrad hosts many new features. This includes a new first person cover system combined with blind firing and first person collision detection. Another bonus is an entire new system of statistics tracking and individual player development.

Heroes of Stalingrad







Everything found in this game has been finely tuned. Once the tutorials finished up I was off and running. It is immediately apparent Tripwire did their homework on making the game as lifelike as possible. This means no HUD or cross-hairs on screen. And be forewarned, if you take a few good shots you are going to go down. This adds to the realism and overall feel of the game, making each stage completion very rewarding.

All guns behave realistically as well where bullet drop and spin is taken into account. The brilliant new first person cover system allows players to hide behind all objects in the world to avoid gunfire. And trust me, you will need to utilize this feature to stay alive. While in cover, players are able to lean out to take more accurate shots. Tripwire has also added the option to fire blindly at your enemy if you ever feel the need to do so. You will have to keep an eye on your health as it does not regenerate over time. All wounds must be bandaged so no more health is lost through blood loss.


Tanks are available in Red Orchestra 2, with more vehicles being added in updates in the near future. The interiors of each tank are fully recreated with either human or AI controlled characters manning each station. The tank models are highly detailed and look terrific. I have heard two more tanks and two troop carriers are in production and will be added to the game for free shortly.













The multiplayer matches require superior teamwork and strategy to come out victorious. I suggest warming up with the campaign first before going to war with 32 enemies at once online. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with all the solid game mechanics in place making the controls second nature. Three modes are offered including: Firefight, Territories and Countdown. As mentioned earlier, character progression is in place for all your gaming stats. The more you play the faster your stats will improve allowing access to better weapons.  Keep an eye out for snipers and spawn campers.  Either of these two will quickly ruin your day.  You have to stay sharp while on the move.










Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, is a unique and highly entertaining shooter. The game’s combination of rich graphics, the ingenious new first person cover system and realistic campaign and multiplayer experiences, make this a terrific adventure for all PC gamers this fall. Go ahead and enlist soldier!

Review Rating: 9/10

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  • Craig

    This looks promising. Is this available on Steam?

  • Bud

    This game is almost totally broken and unplayable. The graphics compare to maybe Half-Life 1. The game was released so Tripwire could steal your money before they have no chance when BF3 comes out. Sorry Dan but if you give this game a 4/5 then I have no respect for your review abilities. I loved the original RO, and this game has a lot of realism to it, but it’s broken and you can’t tell people to put their money into this game. There are a TON of bugs, glitches, crashes, you name it. The stats don’t track. The server list is broken. Bullet drop? Unless you have a 70 inch monitor you can’t see far enough to shoot at something where that would even matter. Based on potential and as advertised, sure you’re right but play the game and you’ll quickly see it’s really not close to what they say it should be.

    • Dan Adcock

      I respect your opinion Bud and have seen mixed reviews on RO2. These reviews range anywhere from 3-5 to 9/10 like my rating. As with any new game with multiplayer modes, it usually takes a few days to get everything ironed out and a patch will no doubt be released shortly to correct any issues you have experienced. I hope you’ll give it another chance and jump back online shortly. And regarding the graphics, if your PC is capable of running under the Ultra settings, it looks quite phenomenal. But again, different strokes for different folks ;) Thanks for your input!

      • Bava-esque

        C’mon Mr. Adcock, ‘respect your opinion Bud”?
        How can you respect a comparison of RO2’s graphics to HL1?

        • Dan Adcock

          I never said I agreed ;) I respect EVERYONE’S opinion because each of us are entitled to one. Respecting and agreeing are two different things.

          I didn’t even bring up the comparison of HL1 to RO2 because as you stated, it was beyond ridiculous. As my review states, the graphics look terrific (especially under Ultra settings) and I have thoroughly enjoyed the game, hence the 9/10 rating. Tripwire is a great company and they should be very happy with their latest release!

    • Bava-esque

      Bud. There are legitimate bugs in the game, and some issues that need to be –and the community can be confident will be (If you think Tripwire are out to “steal your money” you clearly have no experience with this company; they give you your money’s worth…maybe not on release day which does seem a tad rushed, but the way they support their games is top-of-the-heap)– cleared up by TWI…but to compare the graphics of this game to HL1 shows a propensity for ridiculous hyperbole that borders on invalidating your entire opinion. It’s so stupid that it doesn’t even require contradiction.

  • Ash

    For a game which I don’t know all that much about it seems to offer an awful lot. The graphics alone look like a great reason to give this game a try. If the game is half as good is up to the standard the reviewer feels the game is this could be a hidden gem.
    The only thing I wanna add is that I come on this site an awful lot and to post comments I have to refill in my details. You should certainly look at starting a user base! I know I would sign up. :)

    • Billy

      Well written review. The game looks good enough for me to try.

      • Dan Adcock

        Check this one out Billy! I really enjoyed it.

  • Dan Adcock

    It is a very unique game Ash, I suggest you take it out for a spin ;) If your PC rig is capable of running it in Ultra settings it looks fantastic. And we will be implementing a registry for members very shortly. It has been very busy at BootHammer headquarters but it is on our to-do list. Thanks for your valuable input and stopping by regularly!

  • ac

    If you don’t like learning curves, thinking before you act, or going out of your way to use teamwork, this might not be the game for you.

    • Dan Adcock

      Well said, it is a technical shooter and therefore aimed at a particular audience. I’m a big fan myself and hope it does well this year ;)

  • AngryXboxGuy

    Well said bud!!!!!

    • Dan Adcock

      Enlist AngyXboxGuy! I’m seeing some gamers have experienced some online issues but that’s what patches are for ;) I’m confident Tripwire will take good care of their fans.

  • rusty

    looks like a great game!!!!!

    • Dan Adcock

      It is indeed ;)

  • Márcio Ramos

    I dropped all my games and at this moment this is the only one i play…its just that great!

    I just hope BF3 wont blow this away…

    • Dan Adcock

      I know what you mean Marcio! I will continue playing RO2 this weekend in between other reviews =)

      BF3 is another great shooter to look forward to but at the same time a completely different experience from Heroes of Stalingrad. This means we can all enjoy both! 2011 is going out with a bang for gamers.

  • Vector5

    This is a great game, I just think it released at the wrong time. With Resistance 3 and Gears 3 out now, it’s up against some steep competition. But nevertheless, nicely done Tripwire ;)

  • NeptuneUK

    Spot on review.
    I have been playing throughout the beta, there was a couple of hiccups after release with some minor bugs and performance issues but the game seems to have settled down and it looks like smooth sailing from now on.
    I love how I have seen dozens and dozens of comments from players in-game consisting of phrases like “Holy crap this game is awesome even though I can’t play very well yet’
    Unfortunately a very small minority of players seem to play online just to complain about the very game mechanics that make RO such a unique experience.

    See you on the battlefield!

    • Dan Adcock

      It is a great game Neptune, just not as forgiving as some might want. Personally, I like a game that challenges you and requires one to develop skill to play it efficiently. Hope to see you in a multiplayer match!