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Ever imagined Jurassic Park in a online world where you can hunt from both sides? Lukewarm Media has done just this with Primal Carnage and it offers gamers one of the most unique and entertaining online multiplayer team-based experiences on the PC. If you enjoy First-Person Shooters and think Dinosaurs are awesome, then prepare to have your mind blown. This is the game many players including myself have been waiting for.

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Some awful angry Dinos have been unleashed on an old military controlled island due to an experiment gone awry. Mercenaries have been dispatched to neutralize the threat by any means possible. Primal Carnage centers around the gameplay between these two opposing teams. The Mercenary team utilizes the first person view while the Dinosaurs are played from a 3rd-Person action perspective that can be zoomed in and out on the fly to improve your field visibility depending upon the action. Speaking of visibility the Unreal Engine does a beautiful job of rendering each environment and the chaos within.

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The online scene presently offers 10 highly diverse classes. This includes a scientist, commando, pathfinder,trapper and an enthusiastic pyromaniac. The dinosaur classes contain such favorites as the Tyrannosaurus, Novaraptor, Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon, and Carnotaurus. Each come with their own unique style of weapons and means of attack whether it be through the use of a flamethrower or from the death blow of a Raptor’s claw. My personal favorite was playing as the Raptor due to their speed and lunging attack. On foot as a human it was pretty terrifying hearing the booming footsteps of a Tyrannosaurus running you down. Players need to always be moving and scanning their environment in Primal Carnage to stand a chance. The action is frantic, competitive and extremely exciting making it quite difficult to walk away from the next match. In other words, expect this game to eat up a good majority of your free time.

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Key Features:

    • Rendered in stunning beauty using the Unreal Engine, players will wage war between man and beast in five large, open and varied environments
    • 10 playable classes (five Human, five Dinosaur), each with unique skills and abilities
    • Play from both first-person (Human) and third-person (Dinosaur) perspectives providing a contrasting gameplay experience for both teams
    • Multiple achievements and an extensive DLC roadmap

Final Thoughts

Lukewarm Media has created something pretty amazing with Primal Carnage. It was obvious from the first online match that the right team was put on this project. It’s a labor of love for First-Person Shooters and dinosaurs. Having the ability to run down your prey as a raptor in one game then turn around and face a charging Tyrannosaurus as a human hunter in the next match is what makes this game brilliantly engaging. If you are a fan of shooters and our prehistoric friends, this is the game for you.

Review Rating: 9/10

Written by: Dan Adcock

Avid gamer who enjoys the older nostalgic titles as much as the newest AAA releases. Remakes from the classic 8 and 16 bit era are some my absolute favorite titles. I also enjoy experiencing new IP's on each and every platform, especially when the creators give the game an artistic look and unique presentation never seen before. I've been lucky enough to start out gaming on the NES. Since this rebirth of the industry, I have witnessed the evolution of gaming, both in its incredible growth in overall popularity and as an entertainment medium juggernaut. With the next generation of gaming upon us, there simply hasn't been a better time to be a gamer and I can't wait to experience all that it has to offer.


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