NASCAR The Game: 2013 Review

NASCAR The Game: 2013 is the latest offering from developer Eutechnyx. This talented team is now bringing its impressive NASCAR experience to PC gamers. Players can once again look forward to an in-depth career mode and entertaining online features such as a full race weekend made specifically for fans. As with Inside Line, PC racers will face stiff competition and you’ll have to push not only yourself but your Gen 6 model stock car to its limits in order to claim victory.

NASCAR The Game: 2013 Review

Speaking one on one with Eutechnyx – Dave Thompson, Development Director

1. What particular factors influenced or encouraged your team bring NASCAR The Game to PC players this year?

After the release of NTG:IL we have had a strong demand to bring the game to PC, there hadn’t been an officially licensed NASCAR game on the platform for a number of years previous to its release. There are games that include NASCAR content, but there is not a dedicated NASCAR title; there was obviously a gap in the market that our product would fill

2. Is there a particular racing wheel Eutechnyx prefers or recommends for NASCAR The Game? I’m sure many PC gamers will want to use their high end racing wheels if possible.

NASCAR The Game: 2013 offers support to a wide range of wheels. While we cannot highlight a particular favorite the player’s choice will be down to preference and budget.

3. Are there any special PC specific additions that will be present in this release?

The paint booth feature has been enhanced allow players to design their own Gen 6 cars, and to be able to share their custom paint schemes with other players. This was a feature players continually asked for. The PC game has also allowed us to enhance our AI model and behaviors, which will make the player experience that much more enjoyable.

4. While we are sure it will no doubt be the best looking NASCAR racer out there on capable rigs, will a wide variety of hardware be able to run NASCAR The Game smoothly?

In order to allow the game to run on the widest possible range of PC’s, we offer multiple graphic settings, which will work with a wide variety of hardware. We’ve also enhanced the visual quality when compared to the console game, utilizing the powerful features of the PC graphics hardware.

NASCAR The Game: 2013 Review

Modes and Online Components

The career and online modes are very realistic and the devs have really paid attention to the finer details. All of the 23 tracks as well as many Sprint Cup Series drivers, teams and cars are included. Online racing hosts up to 16 players. Commentary during your races is provided courtesy of Fox Broadcasting’s Darrell Waltrip and Mike Joy. Ty Norris and crew chief Ray Evernham give players tips during the race to help them get through each track as quickly as possible.

Players will have to tinker around in the garage a bit and really fine tune their car and equally important driving skills to hang with the top drivers. Gamers can customize everything from the paint scheme to individual performance parts. Plan on utilizing slingshot passes and drafting mechanics to stay competitive within the pack and work your way up the ranks. Eutechnyx has found a good balance here in the difficulty department. There are challenges at every track but as you upgrade your car and skills you’ll be appropriately rewarded with a substantial performance advantage bringing you a step closer to victory lane.

Career Mode Features:

  • Watch As Your Player Grows – Career Mode is designed to show the constant development of a player’s driver. Players begin the game as rookie drivers, complete with stripes, and work their way up the ranks by winning races, obtaining sponsors, collecting contingency awards and participating in various invitational events. As players continue to put out superior performances on the track, they’ll begin to receive more attention from high-profile sponsors.
  • Stay On Schedule – The Career Schedule allows the player to enter Race events, Non Point events like the All Star Race, review past races and find out about upcoming races and Invitational Events. All races, qualifiers and events are based on real NASCAR schedules. At the end of each season, all of the players’ sponsors, credits, and unlocks will carry over to the next season. New real-world sponsors are introduced in later seasons along with additional Invitational Challenges.
  • Step Your Ride Up – Players begin Career Mode with the bare minimum. Over time, as drivers begin to win races and accumulate credits, they can upgrade their cars. From the engine all the way to the transmission and brakes, nearly every aspect of the automobile is upgradeable. Players can also purchase development packages that improve all facets of the car in specialized areas such as performance, durability, fuel efficiency, etc.
  • Helpful Encouragement – Each player will have their very own Crew Chief. The Crew Chief introduces new areas and features in Career Mode as they are unlocked. He can also provide helpful strategy tips and pit stop advice. Also, if a player’s vehicle is in need of an upgrade, the Crew Chief will be sure to make it known.
  • Get Hooked Up – Glory and praise aren’t the only things players will receive for doing well in races. Sponsors take note of players that perform superbly on the track and will offer sponsorships for the drivers they see fit. Having and maintaining high-profile sponsors is a crucial part of the game as they can provide the player with race bonuses and distinct paint schemes. Completing sponsor-specific challenges is key to maximizing sponsor payout.

NASCAR The Game: 2013 Review

Key Game Features:

  • Battle your way to the top of the official NASCAR Sprint Cup Series against competitive and aggressive AI
  • Stunning visuals and handling deliver the most authentic NASCAR experience ever
  • Design and race your own Gen 6 car model with an all-new and sophisticated paint booth toolkit
  • Relive and Rewrite iconic moments from recent NASCAR history include the 2013 season as it happens!
  • Immerse yourself in full race weekends, including practice, qualifying and race sessions
  • Challenge or race as all 43 official NASCAR drivers, on all of the official 2013 tracks
  • Relive and rewrite NASCAR history

Final Thoughts

NASCAR The Game 2013 is a must have title for not only NASCAR fans but any gamers that are fond of the racing genre. Whether you are competing against your friends, reliving amazing races in Challenge Events or fighting your way for first place online, it’s just plain fun. With its debut on the PC, the game certainly has a noticeable graphics advantage over consoles (Inside Line) with capable gaming rigs. PC players also have an impressive assortment of racing wheels to choose from so the controls are also tighter and more responsive than ever before. Fans can look forward to seeing all the official drivers, teams and legendary tracks from the official NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship. Eutechnyx has once again put in some serious time and effort towards the overall presentation and game content. PC gamers finally have a high caliber NASCAR title to master. Best of all it’s available at Steam for only $39.99. This is a lot of game for a small entry fee. Pick this one up today and see if you have what it takes to claim the checkered flag.

Review Rating: 8.5/10

NASCAR The Game: 2013 Review

Hardware Requirements


  • Processor:AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (2 * 3000 MHz)
  • Memory:2048 MB RAM
  • Graphics:GeForce 8800 GT


  • Processor:Intel Core I5-760 (4 * 2800 MHz)
  • Memory:4096 MB RAM
  • Graphics:GeForce GTX 260

Release Date: July 24, 2013
Rating: E for Everyone
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Eutechnyx

Written by: Dan Adcock

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