Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat Review







Based on the wildly successful TV show, Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat is a definitive compilation package that puts the fate of history’s most legendary warriors in your hands. Ancient Combat is fully compatible with the downloadable versions of both games. Choose from the ultimate selection of ancient warriors with signature weaponry, authentic and historically accurate combat skills and quick and deadly action.

Battle to the death as a ninja, samurai or pirate, or choose to fight as one of the most legendary warriors of all time, including Shaka Zulu, Vlad The Impaler, and William Wallace. With all of the original features from both games plus exclusive bonus retail features, experience the glory of conquering the world of Deadliest Warrior.










Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat combines the wildly popular downloadable console games, “Deadliest Warrior: The Game” and “DeadliestWarrior: Legends,” in addition to all downloadable content packs, an exclusive new level, 30 new weapons and exclusive TV show content.  Fans of the show will be treated to never-before-released episodes from all three seasons.

The players themselves will get to answer the question of “Who is the deadliest?” as they can take control of history’s most brutal warriors, choose a weapon, and then apply their own skills to answer that question on their terms.


  • Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat includes:
  • Deadliest Warrior: The Game and DLC Pack with 11 warrior classes, 77 weapons, and 5 playable environments
  • Deadliest Warrior: Legends and DLC Pack with 10 legendary warriors, 70 weapons, and 10 playable interactive environments
  • 6 full-length episodes of Deadliest Warrior
  • The brand new “Graveyard” arena exclusive to “Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat”
  • 30 new weapons, including a “Lockbar Axe” for William Wallace, the “Monk’s Spade” for Sun Tzu and a “Tsonga Battle Axe” for Shaka Zulu
  • Both digital titles and all DLC included for only $29.99
  • Cross-play with consumers of the original digitally-distributed titles
  • Hidden zombie mode allows players to keep on fighting even headless, armless and torso-less

Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat combines the two previous installments, all DLC and brand new content for a highly robust package at a great price ($29.99).  It’s not as polished as some of the larger profile fighters but that doesn’t mean it’s not a blast to play.  The controls are finely tuned and your warrior of choice responds quite well and the game mechanics are easy to learn and pick up.  New moves can be learned in practice for unleashing havoc on CPU opponents or friends in Arcade mode.










Once you work through the Arcade mode there are several campaigns to conquer.  Choose from the careers of legendary warrior generals or you can play a specific campaign and even make your own. With loads of weapons, warriors, new interactive environments and 6 full-length exclusive episodes of Deadliest Warrior, this is a great pick for any arcade fighter veteran or Deadliest Warrior fan.  There is a lot of fantastic content in this bundle and I believe there is something for everyone who enjoys the fighting genre.  Experience the glory of conquering the world of Deadliest Warrior!

Review Rating: 8/10



Written by: Dan Adcock

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