Can Destiny Surpass Halo?

As we continue to learn and see more of Destiny, it seems to possibly be the most exciting and ambitious title to watch out for next gen. Bungie is shooting for the stars with this one and I don’t think the consoles have witnessed anything like it. We have shared some of our thoughts below on what makes this game so groundbreaking and have also included quotes from Pete Parsons from Bungie in which he shares his thoughts on Destiny.

  • It will feature a story-driven and connected shooter. Bungie has a vision for Destiny that includes both role-playing and part massive multiplayer online.
  • Pete Parsons from Bungies states, “We’re making destiny, and we’re going to change the world with it again.”
  • Parsons continues to explain how large the scope is for Destiny and how technology is only now capable of creating their vision. “This is always the game we wanted to make,” Parsons said. “But back then (in 2002), it just wasn’t possible.”
  • “There’s the person who says, ‘I just want to play great stories, great characters.’ And then you have the other side where they say ‘I’m just in it for the competitive multiplayer.’ It’s tricky.” This is really important in that it shows that Destiny hopes to appeal to a wide variety of gamers and make this an unforgettable experience for as many players as possible.
  • Players looking for a rich and deep gaming experience need not look further than Destiny. Bungie appears to be working harder then ever to create a living breathing world. Parsons speaks about the incredible amount of attention and level of detail developers are giving to Destiny. “So we’re going to have to build different characters and archetypes, much richer worlds, much richer characters, much richer environments around that space so we can make sure to propel a story with you at the center.”

Let us know your thoughts on this exciting new IP from Bungie and if you are as pumped as we are to explore Destiny’s amazing universe next year!


Written by: Dan Adcock

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